Transgression, Transformers, Transnormal
Michelle Christensen and Florian Conradi

Doing and Making Gender
We currently live in a world where we have managed to design everything – from life (‘designing babies’ through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis), to death (from last-will-apps. to Google’s ‘Immortality Project’), and at times even afterlife (digitally, at least). And so, we have also designed gender – physically and mentally, material and imagined, in visions and in everyday life.

Gender itself, of course, is not an inherent or innate quality, but rather a performance that people are taught, and that they are constantly conducting and producing. As it is acted out in interactions – between people, people and things, and perhaps even between things themselves – these performances construct gendered behaviour, making the concept seem as if it would be a natural occurrence...

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Tendenzen und Trajektorien
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